Tips On How To Survive A Power Outage In Hot Weather.

Tips On How To Survive A Power Outage In Hot Weather.

Power outages are becoming fairly common nowadays. Yet we are never prepared for them. From natural disasters to compromised powerlines, there are many reasons as to why we should always be on alert for a power outage. While it is impossible to be prepared for something that you are unaware of, there are a few circumstances in which one may have a chance of being informed of an impending power outage.

If you are lucky enough to be given a notice on an upcoming power outage, then here are a few tips that may help you survive it.

Check your water supply.

It’s natural to get thirsty more often in hot weather. Depending on the nature of your power outage, if there is a possibility that you may not have a running supply of water, make sure to store up for emergencies. In general, it is one gallon of water for each family member (and pet) per day. If you have a method of heating your water without electricity, filling tap water in clean barrels or cleaned out soda pop bottles will make it easier for storage.

Fill your bathtub and pails of water to use in the toilet and bathroom. This may also come in handy when unclogging the toilet.

Enough food for survival.

Try to finish the perishable foods in your freezer before they are effected by the warm weather and get spoiled. If your power outage is only for a few hours, avoid opening your fridge unless it’s extremely vital. An unopened fridge can stay cold for up to 4 hours. Storing the empty spaces in your freezer with containers of water is a good method to help keep your freezer cold for a longer period best all natural ingredients.

Stock up in foods that needn’t be refrigerated, or if possible, that does not need heating or cooking. This will make it easier during the outage.

Lighten up the dark

There’s nothing more tedious than having to sit in the dark. To avoid that, stock up in battery operated torches and extra batteries. LED lights are also a good option. There are many LED lights specially designed for emergency situations that last for a longer period of time.

For the longer term, stock up on candles, lighters and waterproof matchboxes. Buying your candle supplies wholesale will reduce the price as you need many candles. Set aside a few candles for each room.

You can even get your candle supplies wholesale online.

Keeping warm…or cold.

One may wonder about needing to keep warm in your current climate; but warm days have a way of turning cold in the night. Especially during storms. Huddling up together with the family is a good way of staying warm and preserving your light. For a longer period, invest on a heater that is run by petrol and be sure to stock up on the fuel.

If it’s the heat that’s unbearable, have as many windows open as possible. This brings in fresh air and cools the house. Invest on portable fans, battery operated fans, and even the traditional handheld fans to help keep you cool.

First aid kits.

Even if you’re not prone to accidents, there’s a possibility that you may hurt yourself during the power outage. The dark can be a huge factor when it comes to this. Make sure to stock up on your emergency first aid. Stock up plenty so there’s enough for the prolonged period and all your family.

If you have children, make sure they avoid running around in the dark. Also make sure that your first aid supplies are well away from their reach.

Entertainment for all.

It’s quite easy to get frustrated during a power outage. The dark and warmth may play a large part when it comes to frustrations at this time. Make sure that you have plenty of entertainment at hand. Dig out the books that you haven’t read in a while and read it during the light hours. A battery operated radio will keep you in touch with the outside world and drive away the isolated feeling.

Make sure that you have extra batteries for your mobile phones and other electronic devices that provide entertainment. Power banks can be used to recharge your laptops and iPads.

If it’s safe, see if you can leave the house for the warmest parts of the day. Taking a relaxing stroll or even shopping (there’s a chance that their AC works!) can be more entertaining than being trapped at home.