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How To Make Your Water Safer

Nothing beats being able to take a long shower or soaking in the tub after a long day. And there’s absolutely nothing that tastes better than plain old clean water when you have to quench a thirst.

Unfortunately though, clean water is becoming a luxury now. The water in our taps are filled with chlorine and so many other chemicals. This not only makes it dangerous to consume, but even having a shower in unfiltered water can be risky. Though the skin does not intake much, some chemicals can be dangerous, even in small quantities.

Here are a few tips to make your water safer.

Make your shower safe.

Like mentioned above, the skin doesn’t intake a lot of water when showering. But long showers and baths definitely give you enough time to inhale a substantial amount of chlorine. Some rashes get aggravate it comes to contact with unsafe water. Even though we didn’t realize it, the increasing of asthma in children these few years is connected with our unsafe waters. Even pregnant women are warned to stay away from high chlorinated water.

Apart from that chlorinated waters can cause dryness to the skin, frizzy hair and scalp irritations.

As you cannot boil your bath water, or control the amount of chemicals and chlorine that gets mixed into your water, if you feel that your tap water carries a lot of chemicals and chlorine, then opt for getting it filtered.

Filtered shower heads are quite popular now-a-days, and they are available easily.

They come in many different types that work for specific necessities. If by chance you cannot find the correct filtered shower head that meets your requirement, a quick search in the internet will help you out.

Make your drinking water safe.

There’s no doubt that drinking unsafe water can be life threatening. This is something the world learnt a long time ago when the dangers of waterborne sicknesses were at its peak. Hence chlorine was introduced to make water safer. Now unfortunately, we are at risk with the chlorine and other chemicals.

While boiling water make it somewhat safe to drink, it doesn’t get rid of the many chemicals mixed into the water completely.
The best solution here is to opt for a good quality water filter. Check your water and find out how much of purification it requires. There are many filters; from simply being able strain out the dirt and foreign particle out, to claiming to be able to completely eliminate the germs, chlorine and chemicals: making it 100% safe to consume. Do your research well and find the perfect water filter that meets your requirements.