Organic Products

Organic Products

For decades and centuries, the most common food eaten by society has been the meat of animals. However, as recent as one decade ago, the human population consisted of a few million people and therefore supplying meat to that number of people was not as hard as it is today. Today, there are billions of humans on the planet and in order to meet the demand for animal flesh to these billions of people, the meat industry uses unusual and dangerous methods including hormones, chemicals and preservatives to make animals grow faster and bigger than they would in a normal life cycle.

A cow for example is pumped with multiple hormones and antibiotics to make it grow to adulthood within a few months where it may take a few years if it were allowed to grow naturally which is not going to help meet the demand. In turn, we, the consumer consumes all of these dangerous chemicals and hormones causing unusual growth and many dangerous, often fatal illnesses in the human race. If you look around you, you will notice that the human race is sick. The world is ridden with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses that are directly linked to the consumption of meat.

The fastest growing lifestyle known to man

Fortunately many young people have recognized this and are switching to a healthy plant based diet and veganism is in fact the fastest growing lifestyle ever. There are numerous vegan snacks online available on the internet that are completely plant based and extremely healthy for young people. IT has been clearly visible what a vast change can be caused in our health by simply sticking to a plant based lifestyle.

It does become a question however why this lifestyle is not promoted more and why it is not spoken about more often by medical professional and doctors. The truth is, the meat industry is a multibillion dollar industry that runs the rest of the world including the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The truth is, if the whole world were to start buying protein balls and adults, the world would stop falling sick and therefore the medical industry would lose money, the pharmaceutical industry loses money.

A plant based lifestyle essentially has the power to reverse the illness and the death occurring around us because many of the worst illnesses can be healed through a healthy balanced diet. If the world switched to a whole foods plant based diet, there would be little need for a medical industry to begin with.

The Art Of Tea

“Tea is instant wisdom, just add water”

Yes, along with dinosaur fossils, tea is one of the rare things that has survived the test of time and still continue to be a part of us. Much sooner than tea turned into a cup of refreshment, and a lifestyle; it was viewed as a therapeutic staple. Tea was a treatment for individual ailments, as well as a general wellbeing tonic, said to encourage longer life, and better overall health. Indeed, even today, in customary ancient Chinese medicine, and green teas are endorsed for an assortment of complaints, particularly as present day research has come to not only prove large portions of these cases.

It was not much longer before tea was joined increasingly into our everyday life, and started to be delighted in exclusively for its own particular pleasures. We as humans lead very busy lives. Sleeping with a lot of stress on our minds only to be woken up by that very stress; sometimes before the alarm even rings. This is perhaps another reason why tea has become a part of everyday like. Tea is known to have a high amount of caffeine which affects individuals, most known to stimulate the mind, relieve drowsiness and prepare us for the day ahead; or even unwind at the end of a tiring day with a cup of macha green tea powder, or a different herbal tea.

However tea has become much more than a delicious cup of beverage, or something that aids to unwind. The demand for tea over the centuries have sky rocketed and as an answer to this, one could see many different varieties of tea that helps in many different diseases. For an example, people buy macha tea for their properties of antioxidants that contributes to keep the body’s variant of unwanted particles and harmful matter from the body, and in this way, keep us youthful, as well as shield us away from harm from contamination.

If centuries of recommending was not enough, modern science has proven that tea holds many benefits that may elude us from taking “tablets”, or daily vitamins. It increases lipid oxidation, blood vessel function, and decreased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. This miracle liquid has even been proven to reduce oral cancer, and boost natural resistance to microbial infection.
So why is it that we now days focus on such sugary drinks, and beverages that actually has adverse effects on our health, when instead we could treat ourselves to a cup of hot tea but also get us many medicinal benefits out of it at the same time? It is time for us to engage ourselves back in the art of tea.