November 2015

The Good and the Bad if Coexist in Nature


A success is measured in terms benefits acquired usually but in realty most successes do have a tinge of negative residual effects as well. Many such endeavours with good intentions of course have been completed and are acclaimed as great initiatives. They did achieve great ends. In controlling environmental conservation or redirection of sources there have been drawbacks not intentionally but lack of total solutions. Overlooking these lapses, environmental authorities make optimum attempts to deliver the best possibilities. Pesticides and other forms of chemical products enhance agricultural products but resistance has come from many due to harmful side effects to the arid ground and humans living around. On the one hand he yield has multiplied but on the other chemicals seep into the ground and especially watery areas polluting with toxic elements in them. Amidst these controversial issues there are certain good activities to justify actions with greater good than harm.

One such is clearing over grown water plants form lakes and ponds. Excess growth of these does cause many a disadvantageous effects although they had a good purpose in appearing first. Pests as they are classified by the biologists when they disrupt the life of other species in water and organisms. Heavy machinery is used to clear such vegetation on water surfaces. The machine is known as aquatic weed harvester and is widely used all over. Due to the long hours of work using much fuel and manpower it is hired only when the growth is dense enough or else it is waste of time, fuel and labour. There are exclusive service providers with appropriate heavy vehicle for the purpose and they offer professional clearing job when consulted. They have to be adequately informed ahead with details of location and other descriptions as someone requests for the service. Visit this site to know about aquatic weed control and services.

An alga is one kind that floats over the surface in water bodies. Although it has many benefits there are negative effects as well and so needs removal. An aquatic weed harvester is deployed to collect algae so formed and then used for various good. Some use it as food and also as to produce useful compounds and also as bio-filters to clear pollutants in wastewaters. As an energy and enzyme enhancer having complete protein with essential amino acids it is a natural asset. Further they are applied in space technology and laboratory research. Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals cultivate algae for commercial productions.

This is a solid example where technology does a lot good without much damage as a by-product evolves for great exploitation. This also encourages other activities to look for positive outcomes while solving issues by reducing downside effects and thereby rid of fears and aspersions while applying modern techniques.